Norwich’s hopes of
staying in the Premier
League remain alive
after they dented
Chelsea’s title
ambitions with a hard-
fought draw at
Stamf2ord Bridge.
The best chances fell to
a dominant Chelsea,
with John Terry going
close with a header and
Andre Schurrle hitting
the post in the first
But City’s Martin Olsson
had a strong penalty
appeal turned down
early on.
Chelsea, monopolising
possession, once again
hit the woodwork after
the break with David
Luiz the man denied.
Victory would have
moved Chelsea to the
top of the table.


Mourinho: No Disrespect By Celebrating With Fans

He insists that he meant no offence to City or Pellegrini, with whom he already had a tetchy relationship following their time in Spain.
He said: “Chelsea is guilty because I want to buy a season ticket for my son and they give a season ticket for my son behind the opponents’ dugout. They have to Continue reading

Platini Wants Extension Of Teams From 32-40 In World Cup Today


The Frenchman believes an increase in the number of participants at football’s showpiece event would be embraced by all concerned. He says only three days would be added to the schedule and that the event would reach a wider global audience.
It is possible that Platini will soon be in a position to make such calls, with it expected that he will rival Sepp Blatter for the FIFA presidency in 2015.
Platini agrees with Blatter’s recent call for more African representation on the World Cup stage, but feels a possible expansion could also benefit Asia, America and Europe.
He told The Times: “It’s good for everybody.
“I totally agree with Mr Blatter that we need more African and Asian (countries). But instead of taking away some European, we have to go to 40 teams in the World Cup.
“We can add two African, two Asiatic, two American and one from Europe. I support this idea totally.”
Platini believes the growth of FIFA in recent decades justifies a bigger World Cup

BBM for Android In Africa

BBM for Android – BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for the Android and iOS platforms has arrived in Africa, following its initial launch at the start of the week.

HumanIPO reported earlier this week on the launch of BBM on other platforms, followed by a 10 million download total Continue reading

Difference Between BBM Android And Watsapp

This is an opportunity I have taken to share with you The PIN-based invitation model on BBM is something that makes it different from WhatsApp as users get an absolute authority on adding people to their BBM networks, unlike WhatsApp that lets anyone who has your phone number reach out to you. While the PIN-based invites may be considered an advantage, I see it as a bane. Keeping someone away from your BBM does not mean that you would be able to shut off all communication from that person. All a person needs is your phone number and then he has all the other ways – from calling to messaging to IM on WhatsApp – to communicate with you.

BBN for android

BBM is only one of the ways. A common belief is that a BBM PIN, at times, is shared when you don’t want to give your number but want to stay in touch and maintain communication with a set of people. In such cases I would recommend

Continue reading

Cazorla Come- Back Boost Arsenal

You can never have
too much of goodness
players and it’s with
beaming smiles that
I receive the news
of Cazorla’s return.
The Spanish
midfielder has been
absent since the
last international
break which means
he hasn’t played
with Ozil, leaving
the tantalizing
partnership still a
picture in our
With his comeback
comes dilemma in
Wenger’s mind with
regards to how to
deploy the Spanish
winger and who
drops out of the
first team for him.
Without any iota of
doubt, Ozil retains
his position behind
the striker while
Cazorla takes to the
wing. He can play
on either wings
owing to his
ambidexterity so it
means either of
Rosicky or Wilshere
will have to drop
The Czech star just
returned from
injury and replaced
Gnabry on the right
against Napoli while
he came on for
Wilshere against
West Brom.
Wilshere should
start off on the
bench since he
deserves rest after
his international
heroics with
England. Hence
Rosicky and Cazorla
that didn’t have
international test
will be fresh to
start. Hence,
Cazorla takes the
left while Rosicky
takes the right wing
and both can swap
roles at will since
they are both at
home playing on
both wings.
Wilshere won’t be
the only one
affected, Arteta will
also be affected
since Ozil will be
dropping to the
central attacking
midfield position
which means one
defensive midfielder
drops out. The
defensive midfield
pair will be Flamini
and Ramsey while
Arteta will be
replaced by Ozil
and will drop off to
the bench.
Though competition
will get keen with
Cazorla’s return but
will get even keener
when Walcott and
Podolski come back
but it is good as it
will give us options
on the bench and
also allow us rotate
the squad like we
can afford to playh
Arteta as defensive
midfielder against
Norwich and switch
to Flamini against
Dortmund. That will
allow Arteta to rest
ahead of the
weekend’s clash.
With the abudant
talents we have in
the midfield when
all are fit, with the
options that
Arsenal have now,
Wenger can afford
to change his
formation to suit
the opposition and
also influence
matches from the
bench since Arsenal
now have the luxury
of injecting quality
players like
Wilshere, Walcott,
Cazorla, Rosicky,
Arteta, Podolski and
Chamberlain from
the bench as
against when they
were sure starters
owing to the
absence of quality
With the midfield
options Arsenal
have now, they are
unpredictable as
Cazorla and Ozil
could swap roles
from central
attacking midfield to
wings at ease.
Unpredictability will
make Arsenal
difficult to stop this

Members Of ECOWAS State

The Republic
The Republic
The Republic
The Republic
The Republic
The Republic
The Republic of
The Republic of
The Republic of
The Federal
Republic of NIGERIA
The Republic of
The Republic of

Nigeria VS Paraguay Score On Commentary

just sit tight and watch more of this

spain trash tahiti 11 goals to nothing :

It was too shocking to know that Tahiti were not learning from what the Nigerian team did to them.

The abruptly loss to spain this night l, well nevertheless, they have tried since this is just their first attempt on a game like this. coming up next is the match between Paraguay and Nigeria by 11:00pm just some few minute from now
Forrest got four goals in a match, kudos to tahiti

Six top tips to get the first class off to a flyer

Back to school: how to get your first university class off to a flying start

Most university lecturers agree the first class of term is a daunting concept. After a tough year and some testing results, David Atkinson is rethinking how to meet and greet his students

Mathematics teaching, blackboard

Time to wipe the slate clean: the new academic year is a good time to road test new teaching approaches. Photograph: Jeffrey Coolidge/Getty Images

I’m about to walk into a classroom where a bunch of complete strangers will look up at me, their faces etched with expectation. It will be my first class of the new academic year and I’m thinking about how to shake it up a bit.

Over the last few years, teaching journalism on the undergraduate programme at Glyndwr University in North Wales, I’ve tended to give out the module handbook, talk through the assessment and highlight the key texts in that tentative first encounter. But no more. After a tough year and a bad set of exam results last summer, I feel it’s time for a rethink.

Most lecturers agree the first class is a daunting concept. “It’s like a blind date,” says one colleague from the art department. “If it goes badly, I always think, ‘We’re not going to make it to dessert.'” Some admit to having the academic’s version of stage fright after several months away from the tutorial room. Others see the first class as a low-impact session, a way to ease the students – and themselves – back into the ebb and flow of education. A few insist on girl guide style icebreakers.

Yet most of us know these first contact hours are crucial to the success of the year overall. There are no second chances. So how should lecturers approach their impending big entrance with a view to setting the right tone for the year ahead? After all, new students are probably already drowning in information and bogged down in administration. Returning students are more interested in finding the password for the wi-fi than a blow-by-blow account of a field trip in mid-November.

There’s a scarcity of good advice about conducting the first class, especially for relatively new higher education lecturers, such as myself, who have been recruited from industry. But one thing is certain: the students will be judging us.

Current educational theory is shaped by Malcolm Knowles, author of The Modern Practice of Adult Education: From Pedagogy to Andragogy. He espoused explaining why you are doing something in terms of both the course content and the process behind it. Professor John Loughran notes in his book What Expert Teachers Do: Enhancing Professional Knowledge for Classroom Practice, “the quality of teaching is evident in the teacher’s sensitivity to students’ learning.”

For Peter Gossman, a senior lecturer in education at Glyndwr University, who also works with developing academic staff at the university’s Centre for Learning, Teaching and Assessment, the key to a good start is showing that you care. “Writers on education identify a caring attitude as one of the most important attributes of a good teacher,” he says. “You can do this by being well prepared and using the first class to support the students through an exercise that is representative of the year ahead.”

Gossman also highlights good professional practice, such as encouraging students in a creative manner and motivating them to learn. “Education is about opportunity and motivation. The institution offers the opportunity but the lecturer has to engender motivation. So do something in week one that motivates them to find out more and actually come back to the second class,” he adds.

When I walk into the room and 20 expectant faces look up at me, I’m not going to reach for the paperwork, or play a getting-to-know-you game. I’ll simply take a deep breath, introduce myself briefly and launch straight into a practical writing exercise that will subtle flag up some of the ground rules for being in my classroom and introduce some fundamental concepts of the course ahead.

My hope is that this send out a message that I care enough to have thought about how to make a better start to the year and how to meet their individual needs. And if I care, then so should they.

Six top tips to get the first class off to a flyer

1) Arrive early and prepare the room That includes seating arrangements. You’re striving for active engagement from the off.

2) Start to learn names Take a register and, when someone has a question, ask him or her to give their name first.

3) Hold the admin until week two Instead, set an interesting task to whet their appetites and then guide them through it.

4) Engage the students with the material A real-life exercise to discuss is a great way to do this.

5) Set ground rules implicitly The concept of andragogy suggests that when rules are created (or negotiated), they are also explained.

6) Give out the module handbook at the very end Ask students to come back to the next session with two questions each about it.