Ego Omalicha parts way with Questionmark

The cordial relationship that once existed between the artiste formerly known as Ego Omalicha and her record company, Questionmark Entertainment has been revoked.

Ego Omalicha the much taunted first lady of the record company not only ended her romance with her former label, she has also changed her name. She says she wants to be officially called Safarie.

The sexy artiste broke into the scene as Ego and scored a big hit with the track ‘Omalicha” and  “Thinking about you”. Ego sources said parted ways  with her former record label following conflicts over her image, brand and style of music. The artist and label couldn’t agree on her image and creative differences.

The revocation was however cordial as both parties agreed that her contract be terminated.

Asked what’s next, She revealed  that “My dad was the first person I gave the news about my parting ways with Questionmark Entertainment and to my utmost surprise, he (my dad)decided to take up the responsibility of funding my career pending when I get another label. Right now I’m in the studio working on  my new single and video which will be released next week.”


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