Olympic View Becomes Much Easier With Smartphones

Olympic mobile video viewing, social interaction expected

With smartphones in more hands than ever before and mobile video viewing growing, the Olympics will see an increase of consumers viewing the games on their phones, rather than on their TVs.

In July, technology product shopping guide TechBargains surveyed US internet users on its site and those recruited via leading social networking sites and found that more than one in four planned to watch at least some of the Olympics on a smartphone this summer. The respondent base might have skewed more tech- and social-media-savvy than average; this figure is higher than earlier survey findings from Deloitte that showed 15% of US internet users would watch the games on a mobile phone.

Smartphones will also be important to social media interaction around the Olympics. Nearly half (44%) of respondents said they would interact with social media often or very often during the Olympics, and while a laptop was the No. 1 device chosen to do so, smartphones were just 2 percentage points behind, at 55%.

Olympic View Becomes Much Easier With Smartphones


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