Gmail SMS Service For All Sort Of Phone

Gmail SMS. Immediately the email facility debuted, the traditional postage services knew the game was up unless innovative upgrade was done on its services. You know, the email is fast, almost instant delivery and feedback is as instant as the flash of light.

Gmail SMS

Gmail SMS

Incidentally the short message services SMS, which accompanied the debut of GSM in Nigeria, also came to make matter worse for postal services.

Today, the fact remains that no matter the innovations and upgrades the postal services received, particularly in Nigeria, it has become endangered specie. What with several modifications these services are going almost on daily basis endearing them to people no matter age and status.

email has become a part of everyday life. There are so many things you do with it: apply for a job, make an inquiry, get notified by your social network, receive a photo or an invitation that makes you smile, and just communicate back and forth with your friends.

Although the Gmail team at Google for instance says that they put a lot of efforts to ensure that messages are delivered as soon as the sender hits “send” button, there are however, barriers that sometimes arise between the sender and his email: what if he’s not by a computer? Or his phone is not connected to the internet? Or the internet is down or too slow, so that emails just won’t load?

Besides, in recent times for a service to catch serious attention, it must not only be fast but must also be delivered on the go. Mobility has become the buzz word for tech geeks around the world. To help solve these issues, Google said it has created Gmail SMS which it said is available in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya.

The service makes it possible for phone users to send and receive emails as SMS messages using mobile phones, regardless of whether they have a data connection like Wifi or 3G. Gmail SMS works on any phone, even the most basic ones which support only voice and SMS.

Gmail SMS automatically forwards emails as SMS text messages to the phone and the user can respond by replying directly to the SMS. He can also control emails received by replying with commands such as MORE, PAUSE and RESUME.

Additionally, compose a new email as an SMS & send to any email address recipient – who will find your message in the right email conversation thread! So, for those that haven’t used the email before due to access, Gmail SMS is providing a first platform.

Gmail SMS Service For All Sort Of Phone

Gmail SMS


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