Cazorla Come- Back Boost Arsenal

You can never have
too much of goodness
players and it’s with
beaming smiles that
I receive the news
of Cazorla’s return.
The Spanish
midfielder has been
absent since the
last international
break which means
he hasn’t played
with Ozil, leaving
the tantalizing
partnership still a
picture in our
With his comeback
comes dilemma in
Wenger’s mind with
regards to how to
deploy the Spanish
winger and who
drops out of the
first team for him.
Without any iota of
doubt, Ozil retains
his position behind
the striker while
Cazorla takes to the
wing. He can play
on either wings
owing to his
ambidexterity so it
means either of
Rosicky or Wilshere
will have to drop
The Czech star just
returned from
injury and replaced
Gnabry on the right
against Napoli while
he came on for
Wilshere against
West Brom.
Wilshere should
start off on the
bench since he
deserves rest after
his international
heroics with
England. Hence
Rosicky and Cazorla
that didn’t have
international test
will be fresh to
start. Hence,
Cazorla takes the
left while Rosicky
takes the right wing
and both can swap
roles at will since
they are both at
home playing on
both wings.
Wilshere won’t be
the only one
affected, Arteta will
also be affected
since Ozil will be
dropping to the
central attacking
midfield position
which means one
defensive midfielder
drops out. The
defensive midfield
pair will be Flamini
and Ramsey while
Arteta will be
replaced by Ozil
and will drop off to
the bench.
Though competition
will get keen with
Cazorla’s return but
will get even keener
when Walcott and
Podolski come back
but it is good as it
will give us options
on the bench and
also allow us rotate
the squad like we
can afford to playh
Arteta as defensive
midfielder against
Norwich and switch
to Flamini against
Dortmund. That will
allow Arteta to rest
ahead of the
weekend’s clash.
With the abudant
talents we have in
the midfield when
all are fit, with the
options that
Arsenal have now,
Wenger can afford
to change his
formation to suit
the opposition and
also influence
matches from the
bench since Arsenal
now have the luxury
of injecting quality
players like
Wilshere, Walcott,
Cazorla, Rosicky,
Arteta, Podolski and
Chamberlain from
the bench as
against when they
were sure starters
owing to the
absence of quality
With the midfield
options Arsenal
have now, they are
unpredictable as
Cazorla and Ozil
could swap roles
from central
attacking midfield to
wings at ease.
Unpredictability will
make Arsenal
difficult to stop this


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