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Difference Between BBM Android And Watsapp

This is an opportunity I have taken to share with you The PIN-based invitation model on BBM is something that makes it different from WhatsApp as users get an absolute authority on adding people to their BBM networks, unlike WhatsApp that lets anyone who has your phone number reach out to you. While the PIN-based invites may be considered an advantage, I see it as a bane. Keeping someone away from your BBM does not mean that you would be able to shut off all communication from that person. All a person needs is your phone number and then he has all the other ways – from calling to messaging to IM on WhatsApp – to communicate with you.

BBN for android

BBM is only one of the ways. A common belief is that a BBM PIN, at times, is shared when you don’t want to give your number but want to stay in touch and maintain communication with a set of people. In such cases I would recommend

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Airtel Nigeria Blackberry Plan

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airtel nigeria


There was a time when subscribers to the Airtel BlackBerry plan had to go to Airtel Service centers to get activated. Well, not anymore because Airtel BlackBerry plan has also gone fully prepaid.

For the monthly package, Text “bizmonth” to 440 for N3,000, for the weekly package, Text “bizweek” to 440 for N1,000 and for the daily package, Text “bizday” to 440 for N200

If you look at their Daily package , you would find out that it’s the cheapest among all other BlackBerry plans, although other packages such as the Monthly and Weekly packages are also the same as others expect that of Glo which is the cheapest among them all in that category.

Aren’t you enjoying the results of increased competition among these mobile carriers? This has resulted to continuous reduction in charges in their services.

Airtel Nigeria Blackberry Plan

Twitter promise stricter API rules Which Surprises Developers


Some accuse the microblogging service of turning its back on the developers who contributed to the company’s success.

Twitter’s announcement that it will tighten the rules governing its APIs sent a shock wave through the developer community, leaving many feeling jilted by the microblogging service and worried about the direction the company is heading.

Ending a policy that had been in effect for the past two-and-a-half-years, Twitter announced Friday it planned to institute stricter rules for its application programming interface to ensure that “the core Twitter consumption experience” includes “a consistent set of products and tools.”

In a company blog post announcing the forthcoming policy, consumer product manager Michael Sippey discussed broadening its “expanded tweets ” program, which allows users to preview stories, images, and videos linked to within tweets.

“[W]e’ve already begun to more thoroughly enforce our Developer Rules of the Road with partners, for example with branding, and in the coming weeks, we will be introducing stricter guidelines around how the Twitter API is used,” Sippey wrote.

Twitter simultaneously canceled a cross-posting partnership with LinkedIn. In essence, LinkedIn users will still be able to post updates to Twitter from the business network, but not the other way around.

That string of events shocked many in the developer community. One developer on Hacker News said Twitter has a valuable set of Internet resources, but that the company “has never been particularly great at thinking of innovative uses for it or developing great clients.”

“There are a lot of really interesting and different ways to use those, regrettably they are trying to kill most of them and inflict a homogonized, boring, monoculture on their user base they can monotize, which will make the experience progressively worse,” the poster said.

In a tweet, software pioneer Dave Winer suggested that corporate greed was responsible in the apparent change in direction:


The mistake we all made with Twitter, me too, was to think a corporate API could act like an open protocol.

In another tweet, Mike Loukides, the VP Content Strategy at O’Reilly Media, accused Twitter of turning its back on the developers who helped build up the service:

Very sad. If ever a company owed its value to healthy 3rd party clients, it was Twitter. Too bad they don’t get it.

The promise of new policies has also spawned a coordinated tweet campaign to share third-party developers’ concerns with Twitter executives. Nova Spivack, the CEO of real-time personalization startup Bottlenose, offers some suggestions in a blog post on how to improve Twitter’s API. It is Spivack’s hope that his readers will tweet the article to Twitter executives to influence policy thinking.
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“I want Twitter to achieve its potential, and to live up to its promises to be an open ecosystem. And I’m concerned by the ‘ominous’ signs that they may be heading down a path that betrays the trust and goodwill given to them by millions of users and developers,” Spivack wrote.

“If Twitter starts shutting down their APIs or being overly restrictive they will ultimately be harming their own users and developers, and that just is not a good way to build a business. They will be selling out their own future for a short-term gain. That is a good way to destroy one’s own empire. I am pretty sure the leadership team at Twitter realizes this.”

Twitter promise stricter API rules Which Surprises Developers


Apple Hardware Engineer President To Retire

­Apple announced that Bob Mansfield, the company’s senior vice president of Hardware Engineering, will retire and the role will be handed to Dan Riccio, Apple’s vice president of iPad Hardware Engineering, over several months. The entire hardware engineering team will continue to report to Mansfield until his departure

“Bob has been an instrumental part of our executive team, leading the hardware engineering organization and overseeing the team that has delivered dozens of breakthrough products over the years,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “We are very sad to have him leave and hope he enjoys every day of his retirement.”

“Dan has been one of Bob’s key lieutenants for a very long time and is very well respected within Apple and by the industry,” added Cook. “Our hardware engineering team is the best engineering team on earth and will not miss a beat during the transition.”

As senior vice president of Hardware Engineering, Mansfield has led Mac hardware engineering since 2005, iPhone and iPod hardware engineering since 2010, and iPad hardware engineering since its inception. Mansfield joined Apple in 1999 when Apple acquired Raycer Graphics, where he was vice president of Engineering. Mansfield earned a BSEE degree from the University of Texas at Austin in 1982.

Riccio currently serves as vice president of iPad Hardware Engineering and has been instrumental in all of Apple’s iPad products since the first generation iPad. Riccio joined Apple in 1998 as vice president of Product Design and has been a key contributor to most of Apple’s hardware over his career. Dan earned a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 1986.\

Apple Hardware Engineer President To Retire